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Seminar für Judaistik / Jüdische Studien

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Großer Berlin 14
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Maytal Mizrachi

1. Forschungsinteressen

  • Sephardic Jews / Arab -Jews / Eastern Jews / Mizrahim / Jewish communities in Muslim countries
  • Relationships between Jewish communities from east to these communities in the west
  • Relationships between Jewish minorities to their surroundings in al-Andalus, Ottoman Empire and in modern times
  • Analogues between Judaism and Islam (social history, Mysticism, Religion and more)
  • Orientalism (inter-Jewish one and Said's)
  • Colonialism
  • Islamic Art (Archaeology, Architecture, Manuscripts etc.)/Art History
  • Anthropology/Cultural Studies

2. Akademischer Lebenslauf

seit 2019 PhD Student, Seminar für Judaistik/Jüdische Studien - Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg

2016–2017 Freie Universität Berlin, Masters of Art: Intellectual Encounters of the Is-lamicate World – Thesis supervised by Maribel Fierro: The Hexagram and its use as Islamic symbol in al-Andalus

Juli 2017 asa Árabe - CSIC, Cordoba, Spain - Intensive Summer Course: The Origins of al-Andalus: Conquest, Islamization and Arabization

2010–2015 Hebrew University, Jerusalem - Bachelor of Humanities Islam and Middle Eastern Studies

2015–2019 Hebrew Teacher in Jerusalem

2013–2018 The L.A Mayer Museum for Islamic Art, Jerusalem – Guide

2013–2016 Hebrew University – Research Assistant to prof. Liat Kozma

2014–2015 Harry S.Truman Institute for the advancement of Peace - Research assistant to Mr. Nissim Rejwan (of blessed memory)

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